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Kevin Murphy of Complete Consulting Service, LLC acted as my Public Adjuster in handling a snow/ice homeowner’s insurance claim that I had over this past winter. Prior to talking to Kevin, I felt the damage was limited to my roof leaking and that subsequent roofing and drywall repairs were going to be needed.

Kevin interceded and accompanied me when first meeting with the claims adjuster. He anticipated that there may be more extensive damage than what I had discussed with him and brought along an associate that worked in the field of mold remediation and removal. I was surprised by the extent of the water damage to my ceiling and walls that wasn’t visible to me. Left untreated, mold and other damage would’ve continued to worsen. Kevin was instrumental in pointing this out to the adjuster by having his associate show unseen damage w/various sensors.

A decent claim amount was sent to me, but Kevin continued to fight for other items he felt were a result of the covered peril that the claims adjuster disagreed with originally. Ultimately, I have received a subsequent payout that now fully covers all related damage from this snow/ice claim. I was able to collect enough money to have all the damaged areas treated for water and mold remediation which alone is priceless when considering the health of my family, as well as future physical home damage that could’ve resulted. The full claim also covered all necessary work to the roof, exterior siding, soffit/trim, insulation, drywall, primer/painting, flooring and trim work.

I have dealt with other homeowner’s insurance claims in the past and this was the first that I utilized the services of a public adjuster. I am amazed at the difference Kevin has made in getting me the funds that I was owed in order to bring my home back to its condition before the loss.  If I ever have to deal with other claims in the future, Kevin will be the first person I call. I will advise my friends and family to do the same!

Janice Mancuse


I highly recommend Kevin Murphy. I experienced water damage in my home due to the severe weather this winter. He more than doubled the insurance company’s first offer and was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in the claims process.

Milly Moore, New Hartford, CT, June 2015


Our home was severely damaged by fire on February 15, 2015.

We were fortunate to meet and hire Complete Consulting Services as our public adjuster.

Kevin Murphy was our primary contact. He immediately took control of the situation, making a very stressful time much easier to handle.

He contacted Disaster Services, Co., for the initial boarding up of our home. Disaster Services was prompt and thorough.

Mr. Murphy was very knowledgeable about the terms of our policy. He was able to advise us about our options concerning temporary housing, furnishings, out of pocket reimbursement and additional living expenses.

Complete Consulting Services met with the insurance personnel on several occasions. They completed inventory with the insurance adjuster. The inventory was very detailed and complete.

They also met adjusters on site for inspection of structural damage to the residence. Their knowledge of building/contracting allowed them to maximize the repair estimates. Pointing out special roof treatments, stressing the need for complete replacement of structural beams, not just partial repair, are a few examples of things we would not have known.

Mr. Murphy kept in touch with us on a regular basis. He always returned calls or emails in a very timely fashion, usually in minutes.

We were very pleased with the final settlement with our insurance company. We are positive, Complete Consulting Services made this possible.  They are professional, determined, and fair.

We would recommend their services to anyone.

Eugene and Cynthia Whipple


I was apprehensive when Kevin Murphy was referred to me by a friend after our house had burned because I knew there were people that will take advantage of you in a crisis. After meeting with Kevin and some deliberation, we decided to let him help us. We have never regretted that decision. It is nice to have someone in your corner working for you who is experienced in dealing with the insurance company’s ways of stalling and trying not to pay you. There were plenty of other things we had to worry about. Kevin helped us through this long ordeal and got us much more from the insurance company than we could ever have gotten on our own. Thank you Kevin.

The Allbright Family